Katt is wonderful! She's kind, down to earth, & makes you feel comfortable right away. I first had a hypnosis & energy healing session in 2014. The atmosphere in her office is so relaxing ( soft music, soft lighting, fragrance ). She's caring, listens patiently to your concerns, & gives helpful guidance. She also taught me about deep breathing & visualization for mind & body wellness. When I left, I felt totally refreshed / stress free ( & my ongoing ovarian pain was gone ). She emailed me the audio of the hypnosis, so I could use it whenever I needed it. A few months later, I went to my doctor for another ultrasound & was shocked when the results came back normal ( my fibroids that I've had my entire life, were gone ). I went back this week for another energy / chakra healing session ( because I was feeling unbalanced due to some recent stressful events ). Again, Katt was so helpful! She suggested more healing techniques ( that I have been using the past few days at home ) & I feel great! THANK YOU Katt! -N.M

* One of a kind experience! Katt is overflowing with knowledge and love, both shining through in equal measure. This is a gift that continues to give. My heart is swollen and I am forever grateful. Katt, thank you! - RS

* Katt is totally the real thing. She's an energy healer with integrity and credibility. When I first met her a few years ago, I was stuck. My energy didn't flow and I wasuptight. Then I started to see Katt regularly. I laid down on her magic chair, the music started and she would suggest new directions for me in a hypnotic way. I then went home and listened to the recording she made over and over again... And guess what? I'm a much cooler person today, a lot friendlier and also much more energetic. Katt, I thank you so much for all the help you gave me over the years. I will recommend you to everybody who needs energy work and hypnotherapy as long as you practice your art! ~ Evie

* As a person who has had the opportunity to experience therapy by multiple Hypnotherapists I can honestly say that the experience that I had in Katt’s office was a cut above all the rest.  She is excellent in listening and truly takes her time during the interview period to find out all that is relevant to the issue at hand.  I never felt rushed and truly felt that I was heard by her.  Her voice feels and sounds absolutely wonderful in the headphones that you get to use during the Hypnosis portion of the session.  And of course the fact that she emails you a professionally recorded audio of your session for you to listen to whenever you wish is an absolute plus.  When I was awakened from my Hypnosis session with Katt I said to her:  “Everybody should feel like this”.  I strongly recommend that all interested in benefiting from Hypnosis to schedule a session with Katt.  Everybody should experience how I and countless others have felt in Katt's office and benefit from the changes that she can so capably bring about in one's life.  Thank you very much Katt. ~ F.Shayan

* "When you walk into Katt's office one can just feel the tranquil healing energy in the room. Katt holds a space for true acceptance. She is very intuitive and gently pushes you to grow in a truthful way. Her hypnotherapy session not only helped to bring me to the next level in my career and romantic life but helped me to truly believe in what I wanted for myself. She is clear and concise in her practice, outstanding in her knowledge and nurturing in how she delivers. Katt Lowe is a true energy healer and hypnotherapist that I trust." -- C.K.

***I am grateful and thankful that I found Katts Reiki class.  I now feel 100% confident in using reiki everyday for myself, friends, family and even in my bodywork practice. Katt has Wisdom, Intellect, and Intuition that she brings into her class that allows for magic to manifest within her students. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom and allows for positive transformative life changing experiences to happen, that are individualized for each person joining her class. Katt is well spoken, authentic and speaks from the heart. She doesn't just teach she also helps to guide her students along in the amazing journey experiencing and learning Reiki. Katt motivates each student to be confident connecting within themselves to allow, feel, or sense a clarity and surrender to the positive Reiki energy that flows through us after attunement. I cannot say enough positive things about Katts class. You will just have to experience it for yourself. -T.R

***Katt is an incredible healer, teacher and mentor. She is spiritually gifted, full of warmth and wisdom and came into my life just as I became interested in learning more about energy work. I am honored to have someone like Katt Lowe in my life. - J.B

* I had decided to learn Reiki.  A google search led me to Katt's class, which was nearby and reasonably priced.  I couldn't have been any luckier to walk through her door.  The class didn't feel like a class, with Katt being as warm and funny as she was knowledgable.  And I experienced the real power firsthand--I knew that Katt was the real deal.

Flash forward a couple of months, I have a dream that my deceased grandmother was sending messages through a medium.  When I woke up I realized that the medium was Katt.  Didn't think much of it.  About a month later I went through a breakup from a very toxic 4-year relationship and I was frazzled.  Something (the whispering of angels in my ear, perhaps) told me to book an appointment with Katt for a healing.  Katt was as warm and empathic as I remembered--even just speaking to her I already felt better.  And when she began the reiki--let's just say that my deceased grandmother made an appearance.  (I hadn't mentioned the dream, or even remembered it consciously at this point).  I went from weeping tears of pain and sorrow to tears of joy in that session.  I walked out of there changed--and suddenly after all these years in a prison-like relationship feeling shut off from the whole world, men began asking me out again.  Tons of men.  People would tell me that I was glowing.   Even my very scientific, skeptical Psychiatrist (who I didn't mention the energy healing to) said "Your whole aura has changed."

I spent the last few years going to doctors, therapists, tea leaf readers. EFT, pretty much everyone to try and get to the point Katt got me to in just one session.  She is one of the most gifted healers I've ever had the good fortune to encounter (and I've sought out a lot).  I cannot thank her or recommend her enough!  I'm on my third healing now, and I'm back to being the person I thought I had lost 7 years ago. - L.X

* "I came to Katt Lowe at a time in my life when I had suffered a great amount of unexpected loss.  I was in need of direction as well as healing, and I felt incapable of doing that on my own.  What was most amazing about my time with Katt's is that she guided me to a place where I realized that I was capable of direction, healing, and so much more.  I began to fully embrace that everything I needed I held within myself, that everything was possible.  This is the most amazing gift anyone can receive.  There's no way to fully encapsulate my earnest appreciation for her and all the lessons I will carry for this lifetime and beyond." J.F

* I’ve always been fascinated by the power of the mind and energy healing, however, I am a Registered Nurse and my orientation to health and healing is all science-based until I attended Katt’s Energy Healing class.

Six days prior to the class, I have been experiencing a sharp stabbing pain on the left lower quadrant of my belly. It was limiting the way I walked because I was guarding the pain. I never had this kind of pain in my life before. Due to the demands of my work and class schedule, I tried to ignore the pain hoping “nothing will end up bursting” inside of me.

That day of the class, during practice, my student partner called Katt’s attention because she claims she senses “cold” in that the area where I had the pain. Katt put her hands over my belly area and I felt soothing warmth energy emanating from her hands. She went back to lecturing while I waited for the pain to come back. I went home, I still was not convinced that the pain could go away just like that. I waited another day, two days….by the third day, I threw all my skepticism away and sent Katt a thank you note. I knew I was healed. I became a believer that there is something beyond this physical plane and that it is possible to access it. It’s been over 6 weeks now and the pain is gone for good. I also knew that with Katt’s mentoring, Energy Healing is what I want to do when “I grow up.” I’m a student at HMI and would like to learn Energy Healing along with Hypnosis.

Katt is a great teacher and mentor. She shares her knowledge generously. I’ve only had my first hypnotherapy session with her but from a “hypnotherapist” perspective, her hypnotic suggestions are well done and tailored to the very outcome I wanted to get out of my therapy with her. I feel blessed that there are mentors and healers that are gifted like Katt. Blessings from: Luz

* Of all of the courses I have taken Katt is the most energetic, alive and thrilling person to learn from. She makes work magic, and the lessons stick like glue. Thanks, Katt for the journey of a lifetime. Cheryl Yantis C.Ht.

* "After years of searching for answers from basic to complex life questions, I found an avenue to explore those answers internally. Through guidance and support, Katt has allowed me to explore truths about myself and enhance my daily experience!" KS

* "Katt's guidance and assistance as a hypnotherapist has been instrumental to the happiness and peace of mind I have to this day.  Through our work together, I've achieved many wonderful things including the career I've always dreamed of, and a loving, growing family that brings me delight and wonder every day..thank you Katt!" RP

* Katt is amazing!!! She spends time getting to know you and helps you understand the process and what energy healing can do for you.  The energy healing gives you energy and clarity.  I had been plagued with stomach pain for most of my life and doctors never could figure out why.  During my first session Katt explained that it might be wheat intolerance.  Her intuition was right. I have changed my diet and it has changed my life.  I feel so amazing and recharged after energy healing and it is just comforting to be around Katt.  It’s beyond amazing and something that everyone needs to experience. KR

* Katt Lowe- rock n roll goddess evolves into hard core healer. I was really lucky to meet Katt through a dear friend whom Katt had helped to quit smoking through hypnosis.At the time, I too, was hungry for self improvement. I couldn't stand living this life without reaching my potential. Although I've always felt I was meant to do great things; I've always managed to linger in the shadows with excuses and personal barriers that alone along with therapy I could not shake. I needed something that could open me up and heal me on a deep level. I was looking everywhere because of my shame and heart break. So the timing was perfect and Katt was and still is the perfect very gifted person to help you turn that stuff around hence---

It's my favorite way to break into the new and let go of the bondage of self and the past. her work allows you to be born again in just one session. whether it's hypnosis or energy healing/scanning---. I have been working with katt for years now one break through at a time in order to answer my soul's call and have the courage to keep evolving.(reaching higher and higher)  Together we confront blocks and make goals. Working with her has allowed me to manifest miracles and dreams as well as given me the tools to get up when I've fallen or just need to do spiritual maintenance . I always gain a better perspective and feel empowered after a session and realize that fear is just a dark seduction as well as old thinking. Katt's attitude and energy has taught me that anything is possible and I always come out of a session remembering and feeling my heart's bliss without barriers. Thank you Katt and Kendall!! FS

* I took your energy healing class, or what you call Qi Balancing in august of 2008.  Everh since I learned how to clear and recharge thechakras with energy healing light I use it with almost every client of mine at one point or another. They report amazing results; I also notice that healing light and energy brings a deeper sense of healing to my clients and they tend to go deeper. Everyone enjoys receiving it. Sigrid.

* Katt is one of the most generous people--with her time, spirit and services--I've had the good fortune to meet. She is a present, proactive and compassionate guide. I recommend her without reservation. SK

* Choosing a mentor is not that easy as it may look like. HMI is a place that has gathered amazing talents, wonderful hypnotherapists, brilliant minds. To choose one – it may be a challenge and it was a challenge for me,  …until I took a class with Katt Lowe. The class was “Connecting with your Spirit Guides”.

Asking Katt to be my mentor felt like a natural step for me on my way to feel re-connected again.

Katt is amazing – as a person, as a hypnotherapist, as a mentor, as an energy healer! With her intuition and her spirituality she pulled the best out of me when I needed it! You step in her office and the world changes!

I’ve always wondered: how she knows exactly what to do and what to say, when to do it and when to say it! With each session I receive more clarity in my everyday life and I feel more balanced and connected within!

Thank you, Katt!!!! ~ Svetlana Ray

* Last night, I bought your CD Chakra Balancing. I just got through listening to it. I want to tell you that it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts I have ever been blessed with. When I listened to it, I was GONE!!! I had a very basic understanding what chakra balancing can do, but never in my greatest imagination did I realize how awesome it truly is. I think that even that little understanding, as awesome as it is, is only the tip of the ice berg. The only thing I have to offer as far as a thank you , is this: I wish you all the love, peace, and happiness that life has to offer. For an eternity longer than a lifetime. ~ R.J 

* Katt Lowe is an amazing hypnotherapist and her work with me has truly changed my life for the better!  Through her unique metaphysical and caring manner, she instantly made me feel comfortable with hypnotherapy and energy healing.  I have seen immediate benefits and results in my life, including weight loss, increased confidence, financial abundance and stopping social smoking.  I also really benefit from the Guided Imageries.  Katt gives personalized attention and really cares what happens to you.  I would, and have , recommended her to everyone I know! Best, ~ J.P.

* Such a wonderful teacher and course.  Katt is egoless, extremely knowledgeable and she shares generously. Gives so much attention to every single person in the class. I'm very happy I signed up for this classes.  I've learned so much about the power of the Reiki healing .  I highly recommend you to everybody who needs energy work. Thank you Katt, I really appreciate this weekend. S.S

* I was absolutely fascinated by Katt’s workshop.  She is so down to earth & non-judgmental.  I was in awe at the energy and continued to feel it all day & evening long.  Thanx for teaching us about your gifts.  Can’t wait to get together again. ~ L.M.

* I just wanted to thank you for the complete transformation that I have undergone in the past months. I came in feeling anxious and stressed about various school, career and relationship issues. I couldn't seem to stop my mind from analyzing and worrying about everything nonstop. I would recommend a session to anyone that wants change something in their life or wants to work something out that has been bothering them. Instead of losing control through hypnosis, I have even more control over my mind and spirit. It's been quite a journey! I can't thank you enough, Katt.  ~ V.R., Ph.D. student, Los Angeles

* Everytime I thought of taking the Cailfornia Bar Exam, I was seized by fear.  No matter how much I mastered the material, I still had worries running through my mind: Would I remember everything?  What if I run out of time?  What if I fail?  These "what if worries" and fears were bogging me down, and I knew they'd impact me negatively during the exam. 

The night before the bar exam, I had a session with Katt.  When I left, I felt as though I was gliding on air.  Katt helped me to find the strength and serenity inside me.  Together, we walked through my anxiety and fear and quieted it together.  I slept more soundly than I ever have, and the next day I awoke ready and even excited to take the test!  I was clear headed, motivated and confident.  I didn't have to focus on anxiety, so I could focus on the law.  And because she gave me a recording of our session, I could "refresh" that feeling from my own home.  Katt was an essential part of my bar preparation, and my bar passage!   Thank you, Katt! ~ S. C., Esq.

*  Katt Lowe is a Godsend for my life's purpose.  While enjoying her classes, which are always extremely knowledgeable , I learned of chakras and my mission to use energy healing to help others.  Having her perform energy healing on me furthered my desires to become an energy healer, and with her help in hypnotherapy, she showed me I had more self-esteem than I thought.  When she agreed to become my mentor, she guided me and kept me strong with advice and words of encouragement, and taught me not to procrastinate when realizing one's dreams to help others. I will be forever greatful for her guidance and wisdom. Thank you,  Mercedes L. Jones

*  Katt brings an immediate connection with the beautiful energies of the divine realms into her mentoring and intuitive guidance, energy healing and channeling.  It is so clear she works exclusively through her heart center in service to our highest potential.  I am grateful to have experienced her transformational services!  Amy B.

* A must for anyone exploring the realm of energetic healing.  Katt is a born healer and an amazing presence in our Universe. ~F.A.

* A delightful experience.  I appreciate your time and energy and hope to use much of what I learned today. Thank You, ~ C.B.

* Dear Katt, I want to thank you so much for introducing me to Hypnotherapy. Ireally didn’t believe in it when I first went to see you, but after seeing so many doctors about my sleep problem I was willing to try anything. Just the first session in your office was the best sleep I had in months. Then each time I couldn’t sleep after that I went over hearing your voice and how you had me relax until I fell asleep.  You have done what doctors who specialize in sleep disorders couldn’t. Thank you again so much and I can’t believe I didn’t think it would work!  Sincerely, ~ R.C.

* You are very inspirational and spiritually complete.  I find your class and energy extremely valuable.  Thank you so much, ~J.R.

* I didn’t know if I really believed in Hypnosis until I met Katt. She was so easy to talk to.  I was really able to open up and work on my core issues. I was very down on myself for the choices I have made in my life and my belief in myself. Negative people and circumstances used to really affect me. Not any more. I feel great and I love hypnosis and energy balancing. ~ M.P.

* Absolutely beautiful, soulful and amazing.  Katt is a wonderful feeling teacher.  Can't wait for another class. ~ L.J.

* Katt demonstrates energy I could feel.  She believes in energy healing and now so do I.  Katt knew about my stomach problem without me telling her.  Great class.  Thank You.  ~K.B

* Totally energizing.  Love it!  Thank you Katt, it was awesome.

~ E.E

* Katt was wonderful and very clear in the way she taught Qi Balancing.  It was wonderful and done with a lot of love.


* The class is Amazing.  The information given is both for the beginner and advanced.  Practical techniques that can be used everyday on yourself, clients, friends and family members.  The best way to spend your afternoon.

Thank you very much. ~ D.B

* The class was focused well that it allowed the information to be communicated to individuals that have just begun studying energy or with a number of years.

* Katt makes the theory and concepts easy to conceptualize. Her ability to infuse the class with humor…made the class feel comfortable to allow sharing to occur.

* I highly recommend this class to others. ~ D.N.

* I loved the class and truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded people in such an intimate setting.

Katt provided a welcoming and informative environment to learn an exciting new tool. ~S.F.

* Katt Lowe was able to prove to me the power of Energy is Real and can really help me in my life.  I love Katt! ~ R.C.

* Your class was great.  It exceeded my expectations.  I look forward to future meetings. ~M.S.

* This is an amazing course.  I'm so happy I signed up for it.  I've learned so much about the natural healing ability and power.  The force is within us.  Katt is amazing and very knowledgeable. ~ K.H

* The topic is fascinating.  I've always wanted to experience the Qi sensation on the bodies of the charkas and you made that happen for me.  ~ E.R

* This work is so powerful.  It is essential that as many people as possible begin to learn this lightwork and illuminate the world. ~P.T


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