Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session



If you believe you are a spirit having a human experience, then you understand that your soul continues to evolve through many lifetimes gaining new experiences for spiritual growth.

As we move through these lifetimes, sometimes we carry to the next life residual energy or faint memories, knowing's or understandings of various aspects of our life and the world. For example, a child who is a prodigy can play Mozart without any formal training.... or a stranger you have met for the first time but feel you have known them for your entire life. 

  • Have you ever been somewhere new and are certain that you've been there before (deja vu)?
  • Do you have ex you cannot seem to shake?
  • Does your connection to friends or family seem stronger than others?
  • Do you have the same dream regularly and always awaken at the same point?
  • Why are you drawn to some people and not others? 
  • Why do some places just feel off limits?
  • Do you have fears or phobias but no explanation as to why?

If you are curious about your past lives, book a session with me and let's find out together who you were before and how those lives can help you better understand the one you are living now.

A Past Life Regression session is a minimum of two hours and costs $250....which is a savings of $50.