Chakra Balancing with your Spirit Guides & Angels


Chakra Balancing with your Spirit Guides & Angels


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Chakra Balancing with your Spirit Guides & Angels is a sacred guided meditation

The seven main chakras, which are aligned with the spine, are considered to be the centers of energy within a human body and correspond directly to our feelings, emotions and behavioral characteristics.  You will also be guided to unblock your ear chakras. This meditation works with 9 chakras!

Unblocking your chakras and meridians and keeping them balanced is very important.  It will help you to stay emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced.

This meditation allows you to cut the chords to those people, thoughts and beliefs that may be draining your energy. You will also hear what each chakra's functions are and affirmations for you to clear, re-balance and align.  

During this 35 minute guided meditation, you will hear entrancing musical soundscapes for mind enhancements and deep profound relaxation, created by my friend Leigh Spusta. My voice will guide you on a powerful journey within your own Energy Field... allowing you to connect with your Spirit Guides & Angels as they help you to clear and balance each chakra, raising your Energy vibration. You must use headphones or earbuds to receive the full benefits of the technology.

You will feel so relaxed and saturated with amazing healing energy...

Are you ready to receive have your chakras and meridians balanced and aligned?

Here is a little snippet of the meditation: 

** Beautiful background music that is calm and relaxing. You meet your guides and angels who take you to a beautiful place to balance your chakras. If you have ever had a Reiki/Qi healing you will love this meditation. You can feel the healing energy flow through your entire body. Highly recommended! -L.N

* Last night, I bought your CD Chakra Balancing. I just got through listening to it. I want to tell you that it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts I have ever been blessed with. When I listened to it, I was GONE!!! I had a very basic understanding what chakra balancing can do, but never in my greatest imagination did I realize how awesome it truly is. I think that even that little understanding, as awesome as it is, is only the tip of the ice berg. The only thing I have to offer as far as a thank you , is this: I wish you all the love, peace, and happiness that life has to offer. For an eternity longer than a lifetime. ~ R.J