Qi Balancing® - Energy Healing Class

Level 1
for beginners to advanced

Balance your Energy!



** Become a Qi Balancing Practitioner **

Feel the Healing Energy move through YOU!

Learn to Heal Yourself & Heal Others

Can you sense, see or feel Energy and never told anyone?
Do people call you a natural born healer?
Do you have a strong intuition?

Are you ready to understand the powerful Energy that runs through your body, mind and soul?

This class will teach you ancient and modern healing methods. Qi Balancing is a powerful and effective no-touch energy healing modality. Qigong, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, intuition and the power of the mind are incorporated into every Qi Balancing class.

Qi Balancing is the extraordinary art and practice of realigning, re-attuning and balancing the body's electro-magnetic energy field.

Understanding how to balance your Qi before working on others is of great importance.  

    Increase the free flow of Energy through your whole body.
    Awaken energy and consciousness in your body to feel more alive, grounded and connected to your higher self
    Strengthen your immune system to better protect you from dis-ease
    Relax your body and mind to reduce unwanted tension and stress
    Understand the Chakras
    Clear and balance the Chakras
    Raise your frequency to block others' negative energy
    Learn how to see Energy/Auras
    Distant healing & healing circles
    Remove stagnant energy from your entire being
    Qi Meditation
    Learn how to heal yourself & heal others
    Receive a 30 page workbook on the class

At: 433 N. Camden ~ suite 400
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Class Fee:  $125.00

You must RSVP in order to attend.  Space is limited.

The class is Amazing.  The information given is both for the beginner and advanced.  Practical techniques that can be used everyday on yourself, clients, friends and family members.  The best way to spend your afternoon.
Thank you very much. ~ D.B

The class was focused well that it allowed the information to be communicated to individuals that have just begun studying energy or with a number of years.

Katt makes the theory and concepts easy to conceptualize. Her ability to infuse the class with humor...made the class feel comfortable to allow sharing to occur.
I highly recommend this class to others. ~ D.N.

Katt Lowe was able to prove to me the power of Energy is Real and can really help me in my life.  I love Katt! ~ R.C.

Your class was great.  It exceeded my expectations.  I look forward to future meetings. ~M.S.

I loved the class and truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded people in such an intimate setting.
 Katt provided a welcoming and informative environment to learn an exciting new tool. ~S.F.
This is an amazing course.  I'm so happy I signed up for it.  I've learned so much about the natural healing ability and power.  The force is within us.  Katt is amazing and very knowledgeable. ~ K.H
The topic is fascinating.  I've always wanted to experience the Qi sensation on the bodies of the charkas and you made that happen for me.  ~ E.R
This work is so powerful.  It is essential that as many people as possible begin to learn this lightwork and illuminate the world. ~P.T