Saturday - june 3rd - 11AM TO 6PM.


When was the last time you connected with those on the other side that assist you in living your best life? Maybe they have been trying to send a message to you that you are not aware of... or you are overlooking.

Have you ever felt a spiritual presence and wondered if it is your Spirit Guides, Angels or deceased loved ones from the other side?

Spirit Guides are all knowing and loving beings of light. Some of them are your best friends or loved ones from past lives who have agreed to guide you from the other side.

Katt will help you connect into the metaphysical realm where your spirit guides and loved ones reside, helping you to contact these loving beings of light.

What you will learn and experience with this class:

  • The different types of Spirit Guides including Animal Guides
  • Learning how to easily access a deep meditative state in order to contact your guides
  • Ancient breathing techniques 
  • Receiving your Spirit Guides names
  • Who they may have been to you in a past life
  • The important messages they have for you
  • Recognizing the signs your guides are sending you
  • Expanding your intuition
  • Gain more clarity about your spiritual path
  • Communicating with a deceased loved one with the help of your Spirit Guide
  • How to connect with your Spirit Guide on a daily basis
  • Connecting with the Ascended Masters & Angels
  • 5 common blocks that prevent you from having a strong connection 
  • Experience a Past Life Regression & receive insight as to who you really are!

Get ready to experience a very Magical Day!



Reserve your space now: This class will sell out!

Class Fee = $150.00

 *** Current HMI students cannot attend this class.  There will be a class scheduled for you at HMI.